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Sustainable aquaculture in complete symbiosos with nature


Azmina Goulamaly

Présidente QWEHLI


"We have this ambition to produce
something that tastes even more
amazing than
wild sea-caught
, and by paying particularly
close attention to nature we are able to ensure our development is truly sustainable. From this natural miracle rich in flavour, we have produced something totally unique.”


Azmina Goulamaly
Présidente QWEHLI

Authentic flavour & farming methods

Autenticité du goût et de l'élevage
crevette-black qwehli-ferme-aquapesca-bassin.jpg

Our shrimp are raised in our own aquaculture farm located north of the Zambezi River on an exceptionally well-preserved 1200 ha site. The presence of mangroves, whose preservation is exemplary, testifies to the quality of the care given to this environment, which is still free of pollution.

Biofloc, a major advance

The breeding protocol of our farm is the result of 7 years of Research & Development.We use the Biofloc technique allowing sustainable aquaculture.Breeding is carried out there in rejection in the natural environment in order tominimize the ecological impact. This gentle method gives our Black Qwehli an incomparable crunch and a pronounced and delicate taste.

The shrimps that we feed on the fly thus grow like in the wild without any disturbance of their aquatic environment.The breeding of marine animals, in biofloc, without renewal and waste of water is a major advance in the world.

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A better farm for the world

"We are proud to integrate the local population at this exceptional craftsmanship, to thiseconomic and scientific success and to work with us for the preservation of the environment."

Francois Grosse
Director of Farm

Beyond the aquaculture quality and respect for the shrimp, our farm has always displayed its ambition to be a farm"best for the world" and not only the "best in the world".
This is why it collaborates with 
Mozambique universities, encourages entrepreneurship among young Mozambicans through the program Mais Peixe and actively campaign for gender equality.

Nos engagements
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THE SHRIMPNotre ferme Aquapesca représente actuellement un peu moins de 500 collaborateurs.

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